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The Degree Frequencies – The Great Return TRANSCRIPTS

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$99. for 3 TRANSCRIPTS The Degree Frequencies — The Great Return

Date Recorded: April 6-8, 2021



In ancient times the Chandra Symbols were a way of life, the living oracles that guided the human to align with the soul and connect to the deepest nature of spirit. Over time, we lost touch with this innate calling, reducing and constricting our lives on every level. Ellias Lonsdale’s 35-year study of these symbols became the root of his work with the 360 degree frequencies of the zodiac. It is what guides his star readings and his accessibility to the higher dimensions. He is now ready to share this work in its refined and distilled state.

There are 30 degree frequencies for each of the 12 zodiac signs. These frequencies live inside us waiting to be tapped, longing to come forward and shift the old patterns of behavior and conditioning that no longer work. They serve to reverse the negation of the human soul, setting us free in ways we have yet to experience. The degree frequencies can bring us fully alive inside, dropping the shackles once and for all. It is the moment to pivot into the Age of Aquaria, so the frequencies summon us to show up now in ways we could not before. The degree frequencies are a pathway through the labyrinth that we all hunger and thirst for.


We will devote 3 consecutive evenings to truly experiencing the stars. We will explore 10 degree frequencies during each class. This will be a deep dive into what they reveal and how to work with them. We will be tapping charts at hand. The central focus will be to support the venture in 2021 to ensoul our star connections, empowering us forward out of fear and into trust. We will find the missing pieces we have ached for, prayed for, and agreed to find in our prenatal contracts. It is the hour to recover from the zombie effects we have taken on for so long. We have all been through the wringer to learn the infinite value of embodied presence and finally live it.

 All recordings will be emailed for download to the address on account within 24 hours of purchase - within your receipt email.

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