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Oriental New Year 2021 - UPDATE Transcript

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$49. for 1 Transcript The 2021 UPDATE

Date of Transcript: July 28, 2021


As we approach the midpoint of the Oriental Year, the Ox is on fire. The Ox has been metamorphosing all year long to where the second half of the Ox reign is looking quite different than the first half of the year. The Oriental Year adapts to the planetary cycles but cannot put its stamp on them in any major way so that all the planets in Aquarius and the momentums from 2020 and the dissolving of old structures and timeframes that are so pervasive have brought us to this point. This has converted the Ox to warp speed in terms of digging us a hole, entrenching us in our own life, in our habits, in our worldview, in our struggles and in our yearnings. This is a critical juncture because so much is percolating that needs our attention now. The way out is to come through it, and there are 4 headlining planetary energies that are and will continue to affect us as we navigate the last half of the Oriental Year.

Planets in Action

Saturn in Aquarius is taking us on a ride through a dawning awareness of what doesn’t work, what is outmoded and outdated, and what is keeping us in chains. That is hard to take. It violates our privacy. It tells us what we don’t want to hear, and it keeps up the pressure all the time.

Uranus in Taurus is showing us memory flashes of how it used to be around here and holding some hope that what is most resonate about what we used to be will be some kind of springboard into the new, but this is elusive unless we are grounded in the Earth Arts.

Neptune in Pisces is at times hysterical to all that is happening, to all that is breaking down. Almost everybody suppresses this evidence and swims onward, but it takes its toll because it makes us saturated with fragmentary impressions that are more than we can take.

Pluto in Capricorn gets under our skin and seeks to impress upon us in the deeper regions of the soul that we can and we will move through this phase. It’s going to take everything we’ve got to see it through. This is advanced schooling, and it is growing many of us up, like it or not.


In this class we will get down to what’s really happening, and also restore the vision and the dream. We need to be so realistic and yet responsive to the subtler cues from beyond in order to do justice to the shadows and redeem the whole view. It is shocking to be behind the eight ball in our times. Whenever we think we’ve got it, the next wave comes from a new angle. It is doing what it needs to, and we are the experiment. Many of us may not make it. This is the harshest part. Yet those who do will be breaking new ground, and this is crucial for the common future. Basically, we have no perspective on the changes coming our way, but through the stars taken at ultimate levels we can glimpse a pattern and accord with it. For those ready for more, this is a restorative breath through Star Genesis.


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