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Oriental New Year 2020 TRANSCRIPT - Year of the Metal Rat

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Date of Transcript: January 22, 2020


The Metal Rat Year is calling us to enter into a different phase in the common evolution. This phase is jumpstarted from the 25th of January onwards by a series of shock waves we can track with in ways we never could before. The Rat Year has come to teach us to navigate these continuous shock waves. We are going to discover all the deeper Earth shamanic pathways, not by training on the weekends and in special groups, but by the rigors of everyday life.

The Year of the Metal Rat brings the tools we will need to take this up earnestly. This year will key on getting our will to be supple, our awareness to be deeper and more embodied, and our subtle faculties to be tuned up and tuned in. We will be teaching these ways and methods in this accelerated class.


How to surf the currents of a vastly accelerated evolutionary pulse
How to flow in the ongoing continuum of life
How to navigate the Year of the Metal Rat
The direct activation of the Rat pulse
How to remember and realize what we know and how to do this cycle
How to tune up our subtle faculties, especially Neptune

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