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13 Holy Nights 2019 - TRANSCRIPTS

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$79. for 3 TRANSCRIPTS - 13 Holy Nights 2019, Journey Into A New Decade with Ellias Lonsdale

3 Night TeleSeries with Ellias Lonsdale.


The 13 Holy Nights bring the sacredness back and the truth and wisdom forward inside this utterly magical tide of Christmas. Walk with the Magi through the 13 Holy nights starting December 25th through January 6th. Each holy night corresponds to a cycle of the zodiac, offering a 12-month forecast of the stars. Learn what the year 2020 has in store for us packed in these 13 nights. The 13th night is Epiphany, where all the holy nights come together to usher in the extraordinary moment. This is the perfect time to step deeper into the Earth and understand the star cycles and what it will mean to you personally. Follow the stars into the mystery of you.

Dates Recorded: December 10, 11 & 12, 2019

The energies of 2020 will be much different than 2019. The start of a whole new decade is upon us. We are on the brink, on the cutting edge of something new and fresh and radical. 2020 brings the wave to ride upon, if you can let yourself. These classes support that wave, that movement into the future. Climb aboard and journey to the inside with us.  


What each of the holy nights mean.
The history of the 13 Holy Nights.
Major star cycles coming in 2020.
How those cycles will affect you.
The coming energies of a new decade.
How to shift your energy to meet 2020.
How to light your inner Christmas tree.

 Let’s Explore Together.

Over this 3-night series let us find our way together through the stars and their stepping-stones into Christmas, into a new decade, and into our hearts, aligned with our souls. We are right on time with this class. Something is stirring in the winter winds. Something is on the horizon. Come find out with us. Join us on this journey into new territory.


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