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Turning Point 2012 Tele-Series Recordings

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$129. for 5 RECORDINGS - THE TURNING POINT is another 5 class series with Star Master and New Earth Visionary, Ellias Lonsdale. Here he opens up a sacred pathway through the 5 elements—Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Prana Ether—to help us move with and through the Aquarian shift and into the new age. AN EVOLUTIONARY LEAP INDEED!

The Turning Point Teleclass Series 

Class 1. Earth Element.
Earthbound thinking is linked with humanity’s thought patterns in the Age of the Fishes, and although endlessly revealed in fascinating ways, it is unable to make the jump into New Earth living awareness. We will look at mental consciousness and its karmic-thinking ensnarements. We will explore what it will take to move forward from here 

Class 2. Fire Element.
Human souls have developed the habit, almost a tradition, of neither trusting nor believing in themselves outside a very small orbit of demonstrated competence. We will show how to restore our fiery feeling for who we really are and why we are here. We will uncover what lives inside the fire element.

Class 3. Water Element.
If we wish to be at home in the planet, in the body, and in the soul, we will need to unite with death forces, cosmic forces, and Earthly forces so that we can discover what the main sourcespring of Aquaria is unveiling now. In this class we will tune up our vehicles so that we can stay open in collective storms.

Class 4. Air Element.
We have walled off the future, suspended our ability to fly, forgotten how to even be genuinely telepathic, and resigned ourselves to shallow air. We have learned to live in the circuitry that promises a future and slides back into a past every time. The air element is taking charge in the Age of Aquaria. In this class we are offered a multi fluent passage where all channels are simultaneously alive, tuned up, and free.

Class 5. Prana Ether Element.
Our return from exile brings us home to the feeling of our immense, pulsating connection to Heaven and Earth. That which blows our mind and takes us deep and far, high and all the way, wants to give us complete freedom to activate across the board now. In this class, the 5 elements, which are like stepping-stones, form the path that lights our way.

All recordings will be emailed for download to the address on account within 24 hours of purchase - within your receipt email.

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