The 13 Holy Nights - Enter the Christmas Spirit

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$139. for 3 RECORDINGS - NOT INCLUDED IN HOLIDAY DISCOUNT - The 13 Holy Nights - Enter the Christmas Spirit Teleseries Recordings with Ellias Lonsdale

3 Night TeleSeries with Ellias Lonsdale.


Bringing the sacredness back, the truth and wisdom forward... Walk with the Magi through the 13 Holy nights starting December 25 through January 6th. Enter the Christmas Wind. Align. Re-member. Follow the stars into this mystery of mysteries, and find your heart in the Christmas Journey. Light up your Inner Christmas tree.

Dates Recorded: December 11, 12 & 13, 2018


This period in history is hardly known. There is so much more to the story than what has been told. We all know it somehow, somewhere in there.


The Christ Event yielded so many stories and beliefs and themes. So many wars, so much turmoil and endless division. The Christ in Christmas got lost very early on. And, has that true Christmas spirit ever been found?


The 13 Holy Nights come around every year to lead us beyond the programmed mind and rituals and traditions and new age ways to The Upper Field. But have we ever really gotten all the way into that Field? Into that space and place?


Over this 3-night series you will prepare to walk with the Energy of the Magi through the 13 Holy nights and into 2019 and beyond. In this Christmas journey, these questions will be answered. It's that simple.


What does each of the 13 holy nights mean?
What does each night hold for you?
What star events will be taking place in these 13 nights of 2018?
What's it all about?
And, there will be more.


The 13 Holy Nights will bring something extraordinary unto you, unto us. 2019 shifts us immensely for 2020. Something different is in the wind. Now is the moment. Join us for the Journey!

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