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Star Activation Telecseries 2013

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$195. for 6 RECORDINGS - An Invitation to Experience the Stars in You! In Ellias Lonsdale's words:  "Astrology is good for professionals, as it dazzles the mind with its complexity. We call our star work Star Genesis. What we discovered a year and a half ago was that we could activate the stars in ourselves and in others, not just talk about it. Star Activation is a revolutionary design that places the stars right back in our laps. Each of us becomes the focus, and then we can track with our own stars directly and experientially. This is the most dynamic system of star wisdom I've ever come upon. At last, it's time to share it fluently and openly. Come join us!"

No astrology background or prior classes necessary.

12 Star Activations in 6 Classes are as Follows:

Class 1. Elixir and Chalice Activations
Elixir is our breath of being. Chalice holds this sacred elixir. Our whole life expression is distilled and brought forth by the feminine life wisdoms. Here we restore our original life spark through consecrated fire.

Class 2. Intonement and Being and Becoming Activations
Intonement involves dropping-out of what is familiar and conditioned. And it leads to the passage, the dropping-in to the New Earth. Being and Becoming anchors a cellular feeling of connection to Earth, body, and being here. It is the incarnation of spirit willingness inside the Aquarian renaissance.

Class 3. Heart Star and Life Presencing Activations
Heart Star is our heart’s longing throughout all of time and space. It leads us to the ultimate connection. Living spirit now comes into tangible form. Life Presencing forges the way for our Heart Star. Together, they unfold and form the bridge for our layers of destiny.

Class 4. Opening Spark and Everlasting Dynamic Activations
Opening Spark sends us into the arms of the Beloved. Now future possibilities can abound. Everlasting Dynamic takes us on a journey to reclaim missing pieces and ultimate realities. What has been out of reach and out of view now puts itself together.

Class 5. Light Rhythm and Harmonic Communion Activations
Light Rhythm remembers who we are and why we are here, uniting us with the past and the future. Harmonic Communion collaborates with spirit to fulfill our life task and restore our whole-communion sensibility. A New Heavens infused attunement is here to guide us through.

Class 6. Winged Prophecy and Home Embracing Activations
Winged Prophecy connects us to future forces. An incredible expansion into wholeness waits inside these wings. Home Embracing hones in on the realm we ultimately serve and aligns us once again. The time has come to land beyond the known…gracefully.

All recordings will be emailed for download to the address on account within 24 hours of purchase - within your receipt email.

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