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Coming Home to the 12 Astrological Houses Teleseries

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$325. for 7 RECORDINGS - Coming Home to the 12 Astrological Houses Teleseries with Ellias Lonsdale

7 Week Fall TeleSeries with Ellias Lonsdale

DATES RECORDED: Tuesdays, October 2 thru November 13, 2018

The Classes

Come home to the 12 astrological houses. Simply stated, the 12 houses are the framework for our cosmic blueprint, our natal birth chart, where the planets and signs and constellations form and express life through us in their particular energies. But there is so much more to the houses.

We invite you to return to roots of the Science of Astrology with Master Astrologer and author, Ellias Lonsdale. With almost a half century of star research, readings, star lore and wisdom, Ellias has rediscovered the 12 houses in a way that can radically change your life by bringing you into contact with an awakened aliveness, vibrant communion with Source and an expanded awareness of your real and true self grounded here in the Earth. The houses, if you truly sit inside them and can really get inside them, will guide you and speak to you from a depth of self-discovery and authenticity yet to be fathomed. It is the way of the new Star Genesis.

What you will discover...

  • History of the astrological houses
  • How to enter the 12 houses of your blueprint
  • How to flow with your natural pattern and design in the houses
  • The breath and purpose inside each house
  • The voice and vision in each house as real empowerment
  • How to perceive self accurately and constructively
  • How to live authentically inside the houses
  • A pathway to self-discovery and self-fulfillment
  • How to bring the inner world into outer world expression
  • Heart communion as key to accessing the 12 houses
  • How to walk the astrological wheel home to Earth and Self

“Once upon a time we lost our way here. We are coming together to celebrate finding our way home to the Earth through the 12 houses, where our hearts long to be. We are called to connect with the 12 houses as the Age of Aquaria dawns. There has never been a better time to activate the planets, signs, constellations and degrees of the zodiac, which calls for the rediscovered framework of the houses.” – Ellias Lonsdale


October 2, 2018 : Introduction to Series & House 1
October 9, 2018 : Houses 2 & 3
October 16, 2018 : Houses 4 & 5
October 23, 2018 : Houses 6 & 7
October 30, 2018 : Houses 8 & 9
November 6, 2018 : Houses 10 & 11
November 13, 2018 : House 12 & Closing Remarks

Discover what happens when we uncover the 12 houses. They are alive and bring us into “felt” embodiment—that sense of truly dropping in here and being awake and alive and present! This is the time. Come with us. It will be a stunning experience around the wheel.

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