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2012 NOW Tele-Series Recordings

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$129. for 5 RECORDINGS - 2012 NOW is a series of 5 teleclass recordings of Ellias Lonsdale tuning in to the beginning wave of Aquaria. This series took place September of 2012; however, the material is timeless. Here is a short, written excerpt from Class 1.

“What it comes down to in this first wave of it is that we promised ourselves a very long time ago that we were going to be in on the biggest changes the world would ever go through and that we would be ready for it.” Ellias explores how to hold to that promise in this series. A MUST HEAR!

Class 1. Star Sparking.
“This is the launching of a twenty-one hundred and sixty year cycle for the Age of Aquaria that comes at the end of the Mayan calendar. This is the moment when we let go of who we were and catch the arms of our future selves.”

Ellias will cover the period from 1932 Uranus square Pluto to 2012 Uranus square Pluto and just what this means for all of us.

Class 2. Life Activation.
“From now on, the way the stakes are in the Age of Aquaria, we’re starting everything anew. Each thing we do that’s non-habitual, that’s fresh, that’s got an edge to it, that’s got an awakening, an opening to it is helping to create the New Earth…literally.” The second session moves us through the portal into the Age of Aquaria. Here, Ellias will discuss Aquaria as she came on during 2009 and continues her passage.

Class 3. Planetary Activation.
“Everything is turning out to be genuinely created so that we can liberate ourselves and each other and get on with the New Earth, the one that arises when we’ve cast off our addiction to the old planet, which is a false overlay.” The third session affirms that the Age of Aquaria is fully and utterly upon us now.

Class 4. Communion.
“What I would say is that you are being asked to strip away that layer that stands between you and expressing and embodying your soul in any and all things.”  The fourth session addresses opening the light lines to real sharing, to true communion.

All recordings will be emailed for download to the address on account within 24 hours of purchase - within your receipt email.

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