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13 Holy Nights - Step Into the Unknown

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$149. for 3 RECORDINGS - The 13 Holy Nights - Step Into the Unknown

3 Night TeleSeries with Ellias Lonsdale.


Dates Recorded: December 7, 8 & 9, 2021

The sacred season of Christmas is upon us. The silence of the holy and the deep stir in the darkness of these 13 Holy Nights call us, beckon us to enter as we never have before. There is a risk here, the greatest gathering of courage to walk with the Magi into the Unknown, into the timeline of 2022 with the stars and their cycles pointing the way to a destiny waiting to be taken up. This is our moment.

Understanding the 13 Holy Nights

The 13 Holy Nights at the end of December and the start of January each year give a strong feeling for the year that is to come. Each of the 12 Holy Nights, starting on December 25th, corresponds to the theme, currents, and star cycles of each of the 12 months. The 13th Holy Night, January 6th, is Epiphany, and it is on this night where all the Holy Nights converge and open us to the mystery, an extraordinary gift for each soul that will deepen our personal journey. It is just that, an epiphany. The Holy Nights are truly a portal into the year ahead that can only be accessed at this depth during this time.


At the end of 2018, we explored the Holy Nights of 2019, and at the end of 2019 we explored the Holy Nights of 2020. A year ago, we could not do that for 2021, and the stars fell out of the sky. Starting in 2020, patterns of disruption and violation on a mass scale took over, becoming so magnified that each ego mind and every separative self became bombarded by complete unreality and fathomless illusion. However, now we restore the pattern for 2022, yet so much has changed that what we will explore this time cannot be done in the same way at all.

Walking with the Magi

We will still focus on planets going retrograde and direct, solar and lunar eclipses, and other such markers in the sky. We will still speak of, in this case, The Year of the Tiger and work with the Chandra Symbols and the degree frequencies to give us a feeling for each month of the year corresponding to each one of the Holy Nights. Yet there are two factors we must consider.

  1. On the dark depth side, those of us paying attention know that the underworld is no longer held under, that the turbulent and chaotic world of the depths has invaded the surface world and resulted in extreme phenomena, drastic cycles of confronting madness and possession, far too many deaths and an unrelenting darkness. Many of us are far too gripped by our own personal bardo realms to really tune into the rallying forces of progressive evolution revealing themselves in Uranian and Jupiterian and other cosmic points of departure into the living future.
  2. We must combine stripped down humility with fiercely resilient assertion of our primal destiny call in order to do justice to the star cycles of 2022. We must rise to this and also sink to penetrate through into heavy shadow areas. We need more than ever the insights, the revelations, the breakthroughs in a star magical vein, but given the gravity of the collective situation, a healthy respect for the Unknown must be combined with wariness toward seeing things in one particular way or another.

Together We Will

  • Thoroughly explore each Holy Night that pertains to each month of the year
  • Explore the prominent star cycles prevailing during each of the months
  • Dive into and face the shadow areas with courage and honesty
  • Make room inside our being so we can expand into the sacred mysteries
  • Be prepared to receive the gift of Epiphany


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