Q&A With Illustrator Kristina Danklef : Round 2


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DoLiv enjoyed a recent sit down Q&A session with illustrator Kristina Danklef in light of the upcoming book release of "Wisdom from the Woods, Seasons." Release date is set August 2, 2014. We hope to provide some background on how this remarkable story inspired Kristina's illustration for the book.

Inside an artist's world… an interview with Kristina Danklef and her work on "Wisdom from the Woods, Seasons."

D. We know that cover art speaks volumes in the publishing world. What inspired this cover?

K. The feeling I had while reading the story Wisdom from the Woods… that inspired the cover art. It felt like a breezy, sunny summer afternoon. And I was resting under a huge tree while reading and imagining as I looked up at the sun’s rays flashing through the canopy of leaves as they swayed.

D. From an artist's standpoint, what did it actually take to complete this illustration project?

K. Wow. Many hours (smiling). It wasn’t hard to plan the drawings. The words helped to create the images along with guidance from the author Sheila Bachmeier. At first the illustrations were coming out a bit heavy and too detailed, formal… I had to revise multiple times until they became light, colorful and whimsical. I didn’t want the art to overwhelm the words, but just to compliment. Many hours (smiling again).

D. What do you want the readers to experience through your artwork?

K. Smiles and the feeling of a day when they ran and played in nature.

D. How or where did you find the vision for your drawings?

K. As I mentioned, the words are what inspired the drawings, and experiences they reminded me of… when I was a little girl playing outside. My style and technique brought them to life.

D. What style did you use to create your drawings, and why?

K. When I paint I have the tendency to work like an impressionist through watercolor-like layers. I did the same with these illustrations. I loosely sketched the subjects and overlayed colors… many layers. This gives that shifting effect of light and color that creates the forms. 

D. What tools of the trade did you use for these illustrations, and why? 

K. Tools of the trade… good ole number 2s and watercolor pencils with some ink.

D. Of course, we must know—what is your favorite illustration? In our last interview, we asked you a similar question. We are wondering if it is still the flower garden?

K. (Big laugh) That’s a hard one. Let me take a look again… besides my three friendly little leaves, I would have to say the crowning of the little girl by Queen Olivia. I surprised myself.

D. What is your hope for "Wisdom from the Woods, Seasons"?

K. That it reaches many people and their hearts and that everyone sees a little bit of themselves in this story. Maybe it will take them back and move them forward.

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When not busy developing the images for the words… Kristina is the lead creative and project manager at Sourballpython Studios. She enjoys extreme sports, the paranormal and a good book!

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