"Star Vision Now" Teleclass - Wed., April 2nd

DoLiv Publishing is sponsoring - "Star Vision Now" Talks with Lonsdale
Ellias invites you to another wave of his ongoing Star Vision Now Series.

Current Offering… Upcoming One Night Teleclass
Wednesday, April 2, 2014 

Star Vision Now - Star Vision Now is an ongoing series of monthly, one-night teleclasses designed to bring the Stars down to Earth and into the center of our Circle. Each class heralds another piece of the map into the heart and into Aquaria. The insights are refreshing and profound. Each class is centered around the "Now Tide" of Cosmic/Earth, Star/Planetary Cycles, Zodiac Degree Insights, Seasons and their Mysteries revealed, and an Impromptu of what arises in the moment. These Star Talks activate "something" indescribable inside the soul! 

What to expect - Winter of 2014 holds major star highlights that continue to bring us into Aquaria. The current edge of "what is really happening" collectively, our possibilities, our challenges, and the stars themselves will be explored in these classes. Come to understand what the 4th Uranus-Pluto Square really means for us in the coming months. December holds our final steps of fall into winter. The Winter Solstice is always pivotal; however, this one is poised inside Aquaria. Something new; something different is right here now. Feel it through the stars. Imagine it with us in our sacred circle. 

Purpose - Community. We feel encouraged and deeply inspired to create a global gathering space of deep heart. Our ongoing teleclasses have manifested this space from what was once a possibility. We would love for you to join us. Let's awaken together!  

Register NOW and join our Star Genesis Wisdom Circle!

No astrology background needed. These classes make a great gift! Purchase one for yourself and a friend!

Time: 9pm-11pm EST 
Cost: $25 includes downloadable recording
*You do not have to register for both, but always a bonus!

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