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FOR OUR READERS: If you have not read PART 1 in this Q&A with author Sheila Bachmeier, you can READ HERE >

DoLiv enjoyed a recent sit-down Q&A session with author Sheila Bachmeier in light of her upcoming book "Wisdom from the Woods, Seasons." Release date is set for Summer 2014.  We hope to provide some background on where her story originated and how Sheila found her inspiration…

D: What is “that one thing” you would like readers to get from "Wisdom from the Woods, Seasons"?

S: That question alone deserves a chapter. How can I narrow it down? Hmm… "that one thing” I want the reader to get is— love and magic. Well, I guess that is two! I want the reader to feel the love and experience the magic that flows from nature and infuses the heart. And I believe the words and the illustrations dance together in such a way that creates the journey of a lifetime.

D: We understand there are many beautiful illustrations that play a role in telling this story. Can you briefly explain why you decided to use illustrations in the book?

S: Please realize these are such thought-provoking questions and require extensive answers, but I will do my best to keep it brief. In our fast-paced, hectic world, and with all of our busy schedules, people (both adults and children) need art forms, and I consider books art forms, that can feed the soul, nourish the spirit, open the heart, expand the mind, and inspire hope, imagination, and creativity. The words and the illustrations move together, work in tandem in this sixty-page book to do just that! The book is an experience, and the illustrations open a space inside and enkindle a feeling that most adults have long forgotten and that children must never forget. We keep it short, sweet, poignant, and simple; yet, oh so deep at the same time.

D: Of course, we have to ask... which illustration is your favorite so that we can look for it?

S: Honestly, there is not a single illustration that does not touch my heart. They are all quite something extraordinarily special. So, picking a favorite is a challenge. If I had to choose one at this moment, it would be the illustration that depicts an encounter between a young girl and a flower. It is the rite of passage in the story. Trust me, the reader will recognize this illustration the moment the eyes meet it.

D: We know it has been a long journey for you to publish this book. What have you learned or experienced along the way that you would like to share?

S: Everyone has a story, and if you feel strongly that yours is "meant to be" shared with a wider, collective audience, then whatever you do—don’t give up. Timing is the ingredient most do not want to honor; however, timing is everything. Cycles and seasons are the orchestrators of our lives, and therefore, of our projects. When it’s time, it’s time. It was never my mind’s timing, but something else— what I refer to as divine timing. What I have learned about myself in this process is how my energies work, which means how I work with my Guidance and timing simultaneously. We are all different, and it has been crucial to really get this on the deep inside. It’s all part of coming to know thy self. And really, that is a lifelong task. 

D: Will there be another book like this soon? Possibly a series?

S: Yes, I am currently working on another "Wisdom" book right now. And I do believe a series is in the works. So yes to more books, a series, and who knows what else may come!

D: You mentioned that your next book’s working title is "The Gift, a Mother’s Journey." Can you tell us what to expect? Was there inspiration from "Wisdom from the Woods, Seasons" in this book?

S: Yes, that is the working title of my next book. As for what to expect—expect to expect. It is a story of the communications that take place between a mother-to-be and her unborn children. The veils between the worlds of the living and spirit lift in response to the deepest of prayers. 

As for inspiration from "Wisdom from the Woods, Seasons," absolutely—yes, nature carves the path of destiny for a young girl who will one day be a mother. More or less, nature prepares her for what is to come. A story that has an arrow aimed straight at the heart. I am so excited to finish this one!

Thank you Sheila for this heartfelt Q&A and taking the time...

FOR OUR READERS: If you have not read PART 1 in this Q&A with author Sheila Bachmeier, you can READ HERE >

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