Q&A With Illustrator Kristina Danklef

DoLiv enjoyed a recent sit down Q&A session with illustrator Kristina Danklef in light of the upcoming book release of "Wisdom from the Woods, Seasons." Release date is set for this coming Summer 2014.  We hope to provide some background on how this amazing story inspires Kristina's illustration for the book.

Inside an artist's world… an interview with Kristina Danklef and her work on "Wisdom from the Woods, Seasons."

D. What or who inspired you to enter the art world?

K. My family. My parents, my brother and sister and my grandparents shared and inspired creativity in many ways. I remember my mother painting and my father always doodling. I spent many afternoons with my Grandpa Moncrief drawing, building and creating. He had an incredible craft to build dollhouses and the tiny details inside, and that is just the beginning there. To this very day I am inspired by my sister's photography, my mother's use of words, my brother's fanatical approach to the world and my father's passion to make sure I keep creating.

D. What is your background and training?

K. I attended Youngstown State University. I have a BFA, with a Major in Commercial Graphic Arts and a Minor in Painting. Interesting combination… yes. It was also the many years of children's art classes, sketching on my own and having a wonderful art instructor in High School, Ms. Yereb, that really made me who I am today.

D. How did Sheila find you?

K. (big laugh) … Yes she did. Didn't she? My marketing firm offices, Sourballpython Studios, occupied space above the Friends Roastery in downtown Salem, Ohio. I believe she saw some of my paintings on display in their shop and spoke to the owners about finding an illustrator for her book. We were introduced, and soon found out we lived across the street from each other for almost 5 years. I am not sure what that says about neighbors these days, but when we met it was meant to be.

D. What made you decide to be the illustrator on this project?

K. Sheila's presence, ideas, passion and ambition to develop this book.

D. Can you share a description of your favorite illustration with us?

K. From "Wisdom from the Woods"? I guess it would be the flower garden. It is still a work in progress, but every flower has a life of its own. It is not complete, but I can already imagine the flowers coming to life, swaying in the wind, giggling and inspiring others when this book is released.

D. Is there anything you would like to tell our readers about Wisdom from the Woods from an artist's perspective?

K. (another chuckle) It inspires me to continue learning, continue growing, have fun, enjoy every moment of life and share positive energy. Our surroundings and people are affected by our actions. So dance!

D. Do you believe it will become a timeless story (thrown in by author)?

K. It already is a timeless story.

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When not busy developing the images for the words… Kristina is the lead creative and project manager at Sourballpython Studios. She enjoys extreme sports, the paranormal and a good book!

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