Q&A with Author Sheila Bachmeier

DoLiv enjoyed a recent sit-down Q&A session with author Sheila Bachmeier in light of her upcoming book "Wisdom from the Woods, Seasons." Release date is set for this coming Summer 2014.  We hope to provide some background on where this amazing story originated and how Sheila found her inspiration…

D: Tell us a little bit about the book "Wisdom from the Woods, Seasons."

S: This book is simple… and complex. (giggle) It is about life, its lessons and what we come to understand as we grow. This book is for grandmothers, mothers, and their daughters. It is for grandfathers, fathers, and their sons. It is for all. 

D: What inspired this wonderful book?

S: The inspiration for Wisdom from the Woods came from a bedtime ritual with my four-year-old daughter. Every night as I would tuck her in bed I would say, “ I love you so much that I am going to squeeze you into a bunch of seeds, plant you in the sweet Earth, and let you grow into bunches of Olivia Flowers. For you shall be a precious garden forever.” She would giggle and pull the covers over her head. Then she would peek out from under the covers she would say, “Tell me more.” Those moments are forever etched in my soul.

D: Where did you find inspiration for its text?

S: Easy. I was an only child that grew up on a farm in Ohio. This gave me lots of time and places to think and be creative. So, I went back to the place I knew best… the farm.

D: Can you tell us a little more about your experiences on the farm?

S: I can tell you about solitude and plenty of time for imagination. Growing up among farm fields and woodlands taught me how to listen. The hidden grove of wood violets, the open fields of Queen Anne’s lace, the shade of a massive oak tree; these were my childhood stomping grounds; my classroom; my haven. I had so many vivid experiences there, I grew a love for life and an expressive voice. I grew hopes and dreams… that you will see coming through "Wisdom from the Woods." And yes, the young girl in the book is someone that I know well.

D: So, what's next?

S: The "Gift of David." (big smile) A book that is a long time coming. Come back again and I will tell you more. (big smile again)

D: Thank you Sheila for taking a moment to visit and speak with us. We hope to chat again soon and provide more details on this beautiful story… the book and her life.

When not crafting tales, Sheila and her husband, Jim, are busy raising their two children; yes, Olivia and also David, in their historical home nestled among towering pines, oak-leaf hydrangea, and lilacs in Historic Salem, Ohio.  

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