"Star Activation" Teleclass with Ellias Lonsdale - Sponsored by DoLiv

A Master Course for Novices, Apprentices, and Evolutionary Voyagers

First time ever—Lonsdale ignites a New Star Genesis

During the past 18 months, Lonsdale's star research and guidance have led to an astounding breakthrough into a completely new area of Star Genesis. What we are calling a Master Course. A full-time apprentice to the stars for over 43 years and still going strong. Those years, accompanied by the stars, walk with him to this date in the middle of September. 

Lonsdale's star mastery opens the door to incarnate his long-time-vision of Star Genesis. In his words, "This is the real thing where we start from scratch. Just like the words… Star Genesis, the beginning. This is the ground floor. Many want and need to learn how to tap the source of Star Genesis in these pivotal times. People will ask if these classes fit their needs. Is this series for them? This tele series is especially designed for those who need a highly-charged, deeply-profound set of tools to sense and fine-tune their own evolution. Yes, this course is for you! 

It is time to share this sacred star wisdom not as mere teaching or transmission, but as a way of life activated by the living stars with possibilities yet to be fathomed. There is this place deep within each of us that has been in waiting for what feels like ages. It is that place calling, longing to be tapped, but often the track can't be followed deep enough, or stayed with long enough to enter this beckoning, love-filled place.  

The 6 sessions in the Master Course are keys to open this space with which our deepest layers of destiny await to merge in this extraordinary now tide. We are on the threshold of Aquaria. The time is ripe. The cycle is here. Evolution is now. 

We need a Star Genesis which our whole heart can dive into in order to balance the hyper-mental astrologies and the overriding mental programs of the modern day. If we together open our hearts to the stars, we can change this world for the better. She is calling. Can you hear her? We invite and welcome you to venture with us like never before.

No astrology background and no previous classes necessary. REGISTER NOW!

The 6 classes direct from the stars are as follows:

Class 1. Elixir and Chalice. 

Elixir is the vibrant breath of being. Fire distills itself into individual form and let's us be an elixir in our whole life's expression.

Chalice holds the inside track of doing who-we-are wakefully. Earth crafts a substantive form within which we can be a chalice, and that chalice is life-giving, life-renewing, and life-as-integral-weave. In this class we celebrate the feminine life wisdoms which are so innate and so negated in our times. Let us restore remembrance of our original life spark and come from her throughout.

Class 2. Intonement and Being and Becoming.

Intonement senses the way ahead for everybody and for self, congruently. Here we drop into a New Earth, where all of faerie has been preparing for us to reincarnate inside our present form. Intonement involves dropping out of all familiar givens and into the pulse of existence waking up throughout this planet's Aquarian renaissance. Being and Becoming is feeling connected to the Earth, to the body, and to being here. Incarnating a spirit willingness that goes so deep we are the New Earth, arising here now, wakefully present. In this class, a true sense of connectedness and expansion is made between heart, soul, body, and spirt. The integral links are recovered. 

Class 3. Heart Star and Life Presencing. 

Heart star incarnates living spirit in tangible form. Life Presencing fashions our vehicle in response to the heart. Fire forges us into that vehicle for new life to begin on a very different spiral. We rediscover our heart's longing and become a Heart Star to be undeniably in love with all that we do and all that we make way for. Earth insists we work it out to optimize how we serve and make the connection to everybody here. When Life Presencing begins to take shape, it is clear what we must do and how it shall unfold. This class is the bridge inside each of us.

Class 4. Opening Spark and Everlasting Dynamic. 

Opening Spark activates self with other, other with self; self in other, and other in self.  Future possibilities abound. Our Opening Spark sends us into the arms of the Beloved, who turns out to be more than we anticipated. For she is here everywhere. Everlasting Dynamic takes us on a journey through time to claim missing pieces and ultimate realities. Here we plunge into what happens with time when we can pierce its limitations and come unto our lives where Everlasting Dynamic shows us a re-borning self in a re-borning world. A class where ancient meets future and becomes the breath of now. What has been out of reach, out of view now puts itself together.

Class 5. Light Rhythm and Harmonic Communion. 

Light Rhythm remembers who we are and why we are here in the light. In Light Rhythm we are asked to unite with the light inside every self we've ever been or ever will be. Only then are we able to bring spirit through as spirit truly is. Harmonic Communion collaborates with spirit to fulfill our life task. In Harmonic Communion, we restore our whole communion sensibility, keying on wakeful alliances with those who can take us through and beyond. We crown into our High Faerie awakenings and are ultimately upheld in pioneering a New Heavens-infused attunement. Enter the place of a long-awaited communion in this class. An opening, a spark, a gentle hand guides us through.

Class 6. Winged Prophecy and Home Embracing.

Winged Prophecy connects with future forces and expands into the whole of what we can be. Winged Prophecies of every future realm are coming true. Home Embracing zeroes in on the realm we serve ultimately, and aligns with it once again. In this class, we are challenged to the utmost to work out our karmas and remember why we came. Activate your wings. When we have come this far to fly on the winds with angels, birds, and all expanding beings, and to swim in fragrant waters with those who are ecstatic inside of Earth's promise, we land beyond-the-known... gracefully.

6 Tuesday Classes starting September 17 through October 22, 2013 
Time: 9-11 pm EST; 8-10 pm CST; 7-9 pm MST; 6-8 pm PST; 3-5 pm HI
Cost: $175 if you register before September 9. Price increases to $195 on September 9.  

A downloadable recording is included with every class. You do not have to be live on the call to receive the recordings. Should you need help registering call 234-567-3408. Possible payment plans available, according to need.

Look forward to meeting you in our Star Genesis Wisdom Circle!

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