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The Age of Aquaria has claimed each of us. Yet, our self-awareness often travels behind this multidimensional edge we are walking. It is hard to imagine the full scope of what is happening on the inside of our lives. So we offer, in this initial teleclass series of 2013, some tools to help all of us make this next shift that is right around the corner. Let us come together and allow the whole picture to reveal itself so we can find our coordinates. Let us gather our confidence and strength in moving forward through the challenges of the edge-times.

Beginning May 12th-13th and stretching over the next few weeks is a tremendous intensification of the stars. 7 Uranus Pluto squares, of which the first two were last summer, herald the Age of Aquaria. The remaining 5 squares carry us all the way into March of 2015. In Ellias’s words, “Through my research and study, the third Uranus Pluto square, happening May 20, 2013, stands out the most. The shift most palpably happens with this square. We will feel it. The time is now for a fundamental change in our life orientation.” Come with us as Ellias navigates the star wheel through this Opening Spark into uncharted territory.

Beginning Tuesdays starting on May 7th...

Our intention is to tune to the “now” in each class, bringing through the tide of the moment in the following sessions.

Session 1. Heart space activation. Centering within the heart space is how we come together with our real self and embody something we can live with. As our book The Christ Letters expresses fully, the heart space is where the New Creation is born. In this session, we will take up the heart’s initiation and open and enter this sacred space together. Here we tap our newfound ability to live from such a place, being fully present and committed to Earth and her evolution.

Session 2. Opening the sacred death portal. Transmutation of the past clears the way and pulls us to a level of deathing and rebirthing, which can be metamorphic throughout. As The Book of Theanna extensively relates, we can all come through the sacred death portal both in life and in death. In this session, we will work with this death portal and explore how to give the death inside our lives over to spirit and receive back all we need to carry on from here.

Session 3. Opening Spark activation. Our new book soon to be released, Star Sparks, traces how each degree of the zodiac is an open portal into the future, now emergent. In this session, we will be quickened to the pulse of the deep core change we are now instrumenting across the planet. We will sample those degrees, which choose themselves on the spot, and live into what Aquaria asks of us directly and lucidly. As well, this session is in alignment with the third Uranus Pluto square.

Session 4. Serpentine desire in the Year of the Snake. In moving from the Age of the Fishes into the Age of Aquaria, we quantum leap in consciousness and find all facets of our lives are an integral part of the shift. Previous projections are fading fast. Universal awakening calls us forward out of our assumptions. In this session, we take our tools and move forward wakefully.

Session 5. Surprise element. The first half of this session will guide us into the integration of the previous sessions to help bring each of us into the furthest extension of our being. And there will be an X factor, an on-the-spot surprise element in our last gathering. The remainder of the session will be spent sharing inside the circle. There is a chance that class time will be extended so that everybody has an opportunity to speak.

DATES: Classes will be held for five consecutive TUESDAYS starting MAY 7th and ending June 4th. The class dates are as follow: May 7th, May 14th, May 21st, May 28th and June 4th.

Class TIMES are: 9 p.m. - 11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time; 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. Pacific Time; 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Mountain Time; Central Time 8 p.m. - 10 p.m.; 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. Hawaii Time.

COST: $129 which includes the five classes and a downloadable recording that will be sent via email within twenty-four hours after each class.

We are very excited about expanding our community and look forward to coming together in 2013. Please, join us as the great Aquarian opening is now at hand. Meet you in the circle!


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