UPCOMING RELEASE By Lonsdale - The Christ Letters

Christ is here—alive and in spirit within the Earth’s ethers, leading us onward in evolution. These letters carry that Christ current. They transport us, and alas, we come to know Him and speak His language, which arises within each of us as our leading impulse.

Many, through the centuries, have come to worship and identify Christ through a false filter. It is now imperative for Christ to be freed of all authoritarian and rigid connections flowing through such a filter so that He can be met in truth. The hour we have all been waiting for is at hand.

The Christ letters, revealed at Easter and Christmas, year after year, ferry you on a journey down into your individual soul and through the collective maze that contains the whole of evolution—past, present, and future. The Christ Letters is able to remove the veil to the mysteries laden deep within. These letters are like a trail of light leading you out of the foggy labyrinth to find your heart flame still burning warm and bright. They are sustenance, a type of food designed to nourish and strengthen the soul for the trek home—home to the Christ within.

The authors, one in the life realms and one in the death realms, combine forces to bring forth these teachings and inspirations of great love. Through their thematically powerful and consistent voice, they speak to us about our soul, our destiny, about the New Earth and the New Heavens, about life and death, and every ultimate concern in the most intimate and radical discourse. Together, they offer a Christ spark to open the gates toward the Age of Aquaria with an encompassing visionary perspective.

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