BOOK RELEASE: The Book of Theanna

The Book of Theanna
In the Lands that Follow Death by Ellias Lonsdale
Released by North Atlantic Press and DoLiv Publishing


SALEM, OH - North Atlantic Press and DoLiv Publishing are announcing the recent release of The Book of Theanna by Ellias Lonsdale. It is a compilation of letters written by Elias which he began transcribing from Sara, his wife and twin soul, shortly after her death. The Book of Theanna details their communication which occurs through a sacred impulse that rises from inside the Earth and descends from the Heavens. It is this very live current that brings forth a path into the Age of Aquaria

In the course of these writings, Sara journeys to Heaven and Hell and the vast Lands in between. She paints vivid pictures of her encounters in each of these realms. She discusses illness, karma, the dark side, the Lord of Death, Christ, the death minds, and how to awaken. There is an immense need for Death’s truth to fully reveal itself. What this updated edition carries is a renewed and refreshed revelation—death is a different death than was ever possible before. Now, it can come forward in a redemptive fashion.

Not just another account of life after death, not a channeled book in the usual sense, The Book of Theanna comes to break death’s spell with the power and intensity of Love from across the veil returned to Earth.

Author Ellias Lonsdale, who lives with his family in Kauai, Hawaii, is a shepherd of star wisdom. In the early 1970s he studied formal astrology with Marc Edmund Jones and astrosophy in the tradition of Rudolph Steiner. But in late 1975 Ellias’s life was forever changed by what he calls “The Atlantean Throne Room Dream. This prophetic dream took him back to the mystery temples of Atlantis, where he merged with an ancient past self and his origin in the star mysteries. What he brought back with him was Star Genesis, the inner wisdom of the stars and their direct guidance from Christ and Sophia, a myriad of spirit sources and angels, all who represent the planets, the constellations, and the degree frequencies that live and speak within us. Both Ellias and Sara worked with these guiding forces to bring Star Genesis into the Earth and unto humanity.

Through the Star Genesis Wheel both Ellias and Sara Theanna were shown what must change for the future of humanity in the coming age is our relationship to death itself.  Death is the portal to the rebirth of our authentic self. Hence, death asks to be celebrated for the immense treasure it bears and opens.

Others books available by this author include Inside Star Vision, Inside Degrees, Inside Planets, and Cosmic Weather Report. Forthcoming soon will be The Christ Letters. Learn more about Ellias’s teachings at or contact: DoLiv Publishing at 1-234-567-3408.

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