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Established in 2010 by Sheila Bachmeier, DoLiv Publishing, LLC is a full-service publishing company that collaborates with national publishing houses as well as supports the efforts of authors interested in independent publishing. Recent collaborations include North Atlantic Books.

DoLiv Publishing works with a variety of author types to bring their words to light and establish them as published writers. Whether their writings are fictional or non-fictional – including suspense, drama, romantic, historical, poetry, cookbooks, diaries or spiritual – DoLiv can provide personal services to each author to help them succeed and provide readers the options for great writing in which they seek.

DoLiv is committed to working one-on-one with our authors to share their writings with others to enjoy. This includes complete guidance, editing services and promotion to bring their writings to national attention.

DoLiv firmly believes that such a journey to published writings often involves many steps that may not be the easiest during the process; however the power to make the journey a success lies within each person. Words are an extension of oneself that should be shared for others to enjoy and DoLiv is the perfect partner for authors to help make their journey as simplistic and successful as possible to attain their final goals of publication.

DoLiv Publishing’s name is inspired by owner Sheila Bachmeier’s children – David and Olivia. Although a combination of their names, DoLiv is also a simplistic message to all: Do Liv(e). It is an invitation to welcome healing, creativity, nurturing, dreaming and imagination into your lives. To learn more about the personal story behind the DoLiv name, please read this excerpt from First Words – Stories in the Soul by Sheila Bachmeier. (link)

Obviously, the words do and liv(e) are apparent in the logo. What is most interesting is that the letters ‘d’ and ‘l’ also form the number 11. The number 11 forms a doorway through which one must pass to realize their initiative, and expound upon their rite of passage into the deep mystery of being and self. The circle made by the letter ‘o’ represents the Divine Feminine (link). It brings forth wholeness, infinity, the goddess and Mother Earth. With the ‘o’ poised between each portion of 11, it helps to usher people through the doorway to enlightenment of self awareness.

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