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Established in 2010 by Sheila Bachmeier, DoLiv Publishing, LLC is a full-service publishing company that collaborates with national publishing houses as well as supports the efforts of authors interested in independent publishing. Recent collaborations include North Atlantic Books.

DoLiv Publishing works with a variety of author types to bring their words to light and establish them as published writers. Whether their writings are fictional or non-fictional – including suspense, drama, romantic, historical, poetry, cookbooks, diaries or spiritual – DoLiv can provide personal services to each author to help them succeed and provide readers the options for great writing in which they seek.

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Enjoy browsing DoLiv Publishing. Come in. Relax. Stay a while. Learn about our services and shop for our latest releases. Our approach to the book industry and efforts to collaborate with other publishing companies and writers is unique. See what we have to offer. And check back often to find what’s new. In the meantime… just DoLiv.

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